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WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION :Ways to Get Yourself Pumped up

Weight loss Motivation

Sometimes we need all the motivation we can get to stick to a weight loss regimen and be consistent. We usually find it easy to start a weight loss journey, but more often than not, we run out of fuel before we hit our desired mark.

Personal struggles, stressors, or slip-ups can deflate our confidence in losing weight and coerce us into giving up. But all hope isn’t yet lost, as you can stay above all of these and follow through with your weight loss goals until you have ticked all your boxes and shed off the excess pounds.

Whether you are looking for a nudge to push you into starting a weight loss plan or help you get back on your feet and stay committed after adopting one, You are sure to find these weight loss motivation tips that we have put together quite helpful.



The first question you should be asking yourself before embarking on a weight loss journey is the reason why you want to lose weight. Are you losing weight to keep up with appearances? To fit back into your favorite old jeans?

To put a stop to all the crude remarks on your weight? Or perhaps for medical reasons? Whatever your reasons are, it will help to jot them down in a book or journal as a constant reminder on why you need to stay focused and committed to your weight loss goals.

And the more potent your reasons are(is), the stronger your commitment. Research has it on record that having a personal reason for losing weight might actually be the best weight loss motivation to keep one on track. It makes it easier to sustain and attain weight loss goals.


This might actually come across as cliche but research has found that words of affirmation especially through self-talking can exert a significant influence on a person’s performance which improves their outcome.

Telling yourself you can do this or I can do better can fuel your motivation to attain your weight loss goals. If you are not so good with words, you can look up weight loss motivation quotes online to reinforce your optimism and keep you committed towards your goal. Reading this quote out loud to yourself every morning may be the boost you need to stay focused on your goal.

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Setting unrealistic and high goals is simply setting yourself up for impending failure. Trying to reach these seemingly unattainable or arduous goals can drain you quickly and leave you on the edge of regret and despondency.

You might feel pumped and driven initially, but along the line, you are bound to run out of energy and motivation to pursue these goals, especially when the figures on the scale are disappointing. For example, setting a goal of shedding about 40 pounds in six months will seem like a huge goal, but focusing on losing one to two pounds every week will be easier and achievable.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the process and not the outcome. Setting your sights on the end goal instead of focusing on the process to get there can mess up your strategy and end results. You should take it one small step at a time, rather than one big step at once. In fact, studies have found that those who focused on little goals at a time were more successful in losing weight than those who had outcome goals.



Just like setting unrealistic and high goals, following a strict diet or every new fad diet that is sitting on the trend table is disadvantageous to weight loss and can deplete your weight loss motivation levels faster than you can blink.

You only need to eliminate 150 calories from your diet every day to lose about 15 pounds in a year. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to cut out calories and fat completely from your diet to lose weight faster. Some of these calories and fat are good for you, and cutting them off will be detrimental to your health.

You can create your own meal plan based on changes in your eating and snacking habits. You can reduce your meal portions, replace junk foods with healthy snacks, and adopt healthier cooking processes (such as boiling instead of frying). Also, do not boycott your favorite snacks and meals because you fear they may add to your calorie intake, instead reduce the portions and frequency with which you take them.


A visual weight loss representation or reminder can go a long way in keeping you on track. You can design a weight loss motivation board by pinning various pictures and items that can inspire you to carry out your weight loss routine. Some of these items can include :

  • Weight loss inspirational quotes or even funny weight loss motivation quotes.
  • Pictures of family or someone whose bodyweight you admire. It is important to pin pictures of people with realistic body goals not super skinny models or celebrities with superficial bodies.
  • A list of exercises you intend to do daily
  • A calendar highlighting your daily or weekly goals
  • Reward ideas for when you achieve every milestone
  • Stick up notes of eating tips and daily weight loss activity reminders
  • Progress tracking charts
  • Pictures of outfits you would wear once you reach your goal(you can hang the actual outfits by your closet or in a place where you can see it every day).
  • Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hang a weight loss motivation wallpaper on your wall

Lastly, hang this board in an open space where you can see it every day and all the time!!! This can serve as your daily weight loss motivation.



There is no better time to make maximum use of your smartphone than when you are trying to lose weight. A simple tap can connect you with the motivation you need to keep going. There are a number of beneficial and efficient weight loss apps you can download to help you through your weight loss journey.

These weight loss motivation apps provide you with a medium for monitoring and tracking your weight loss regimen. They supply you with valuable information and weight loss tips, they help you count your calories and provide an overview of your weight loss activities and calorie intake.

Having a weight loss motivation app on your phone can make things pretty easy for you. Some of these apps include Noom, chronometer, fatSecret, Lose it, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal. You can also lookup weight loss motivation videos online to reinforce your optimism and commitment to losing weight.



Most people tend to lose weight for the sake of appearances. Even research lent credence to this. While appearances are a good enough reason to lose weight, the impact of a healthy BMI on your health and quality of life should not be overlooked.

Looks fade with time and compliments may lose their appeal with age, but a healthy life beats everything else. Having a healthy BMI equates to a longer and healthier life.

To stay truly motivated to your weight loss goal, you should educate yourself on the health benefits of weight loss and how it can impact your life. You are more likely to stay motivated if your reasons for losing weight are health-oriented.

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Sometimes to stay motivated and inspired enough to pursue our goals, we need a role model. Looking up to someone who has battled obesity or excess weight and came out victorious is not a bad idea. However, you should be wise about your choice. Look up to them to inspire you and not to deflate your ego or confidence.

Be careful not to go overboard with your enthusiasm. Remember, that everyone has a different body composition and you couldn’t possibly look exactly like they do. What is important is to extract valuable tips from the stories they share and use it to your own advantage. There are numerous weight loss motivation stories you can read, watch, and learn from.

Take, for instance, the story of an elderly grandmother who finally won the “battle of the scales” after her daughter taught her how to use an iPhone feature that helped her to plan and track her weight loss routine. There is also the story of a young woman who lost 190 pounds through therapy.This is just a couple among the hordes of inspirational weight loss stories on the internet and on TV.



By weight loss motivation resources, we mean books you can buy and blogs you can subscribe to that will give you the boost you need to get back on track and remain committed. A weight loss motivation blog addresses various weight loss concerns and includes motivational stories and tips to help people navigate the weight loss road easily. Some of the best weight loss motivation blogs include ;

There are also multiple books you can read to draw motivation and inspiration from. Most of these books details the author’s personal experiences with the weight loss hurdle and how they were able to jump it. The blogger we mentioned above, Andie Mitchell, also has a book that is motivation and inspiration filled, titled It Was Me All Along. Andie’s book is one of the best books for weight loss motivation and is ranked a New York Times Bestseller. The book is a balance between losing weight and loving your body and self. Other top-selling and highly motivational books you can read and learn from includes but not limited to:



To encourage you and help you appreciate the effort you’ve been putting in to lose weight, take a picture of every weight loss milestone you cover and document it. Lost 10 pounds and your Jeans have begun to sag? take a picture.

Call it your weight loss motivation pictures and hold on to them tight. You can pin these pictures on your weight loss board or share them on your social media accounts. You can do with a little community support and those compliments from your friends and family urging you on, can make you want to narrow the figures on the scale even further.

Seeing the pictures on your board every day will definitely put a smile on your face and will be a reminder of all that you are capable of.

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Losing weight is no simple feat, and every win in each step of the way deserves to be celebrated. Wrap up gifts for yourself for when you lose a certain amount of pounds and pin the reminder on your board. You could even reward yourself for working out consecutively without fail or for finally getting rid of that junk food you were so addicted to.

These little gifts can refresh your spirit and motivate you to do even more. Who doesn’t like the idea of getting a reward after accomplishing a task? To make this even more fun and really rewarding, get your loved ones or family to package gifts for you ahead of your small and major weight loss wins.



Motivation can be high on some days and low on some other days. When it comes to weight loss, do not expect to always be motivated. Sometimes your motivation levels can drop, and that is okay. When you notice a shift in your motivational energy, take some time off your weight loss schedule (maybe two or three days) and re-energize.

Understand that motivation has a natural rhythm, and you can only do so much to get it kicking at all times. So don’t beat yourself up when you are feeling unmotivated, simply take a break.


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