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Remedies for Ulcer: Are You Exposing Yourself to Ulcer? Don’t take any chances

How ulcers are formed and remedies

There are so many kinds of stomach pain that can be a cause of concern in our lives and ulcer pains are one of them, the burning sensation which sometimes begins with mild heartburn is something to be wary of. There are numerous remedies for ulcers today. Let’s take a look at some of them.

What are Ulcers?

Ulcers are sores that develop on the lining of the esophagus, stomach or small intestine. An ulcer occurs when stomach acids damage the lining of the digestive tract.

Common causes include the bacteria helicobacter pylori and anti-inflammatory pain relievers like aspirin. Stomach ulcer, also known as peptic ulcers are very common in our society today and a lot of people who are susceptible need to understand what is an ulcer, the various types there are and its causes, in order to know how to keep it at bay.

The main reason alone why ulcer hurts is because ulcers are sores in the lining of the stomach or small intestine. Most of the symptoms of ulcers are indigestion, abdominal discomfort or upper abdominal pain, the acid produced by the stomach which helps to digest food can cause ulcer but the body secretes a thick layer of mucus to help protect the body tissues.

If therefore the mucus layer stops functioning, then the acid would damage the stomach tissue which will, however, result in an ulcer.

Many times people believe that ulcers can occur because of poor hygiene and lifestyle habits which include overindulging in rich and fatty food, taking of alcohol, taking caffeine and tobacco which all these can lead to a buildup of stomach acid that destroys the protective linings of the stomach.

Types of Ulcers

The various types of ulcer that are common today are gastric ulcer, which occurs in the stomach lining, another type is the esophageal ulcer, this type of ulcer develops in the esophagus, we also have the duodenal ulcer or ulcer that develops in the duodenum (small intestine).

Other types of an ulcer include arterial ulcer, a venous ulcer, mouth ulcer, and genital ulcer. Therefore with these numerous types of ulcers, it is pertinent to ask what then is the cure for an ulcer?

Ulcers are relatively easy to cure but they can be really dangerous if left untreated. Some drugs for ulcers include antibiotics, proton-pump inhibitors, and penicillin.

When one has an ulcer, what follows is a severe burning pain in the abdomen, accompanied by loss of appetite, nausea, sometimes vomiting, bloating and even weight loss, sometimes the pain and symptoms of ulcer subsides but will become more painful afterward if medications are not taken.

Remedies for Ulcers

There are some natural remedies one can use for the treatment of ulcer which includes honey, garlic, and ripe bananas. There are medications for ulcer which can reduce the amount of acid in the stomach such as omeprazole, lansoprazole, rabeprazole, all these can be able to relieve the symptoms of an ulcer.

Other forms of home treatment for ulcer includes the use of probiotics like yogurts, which can help the digestive tract to restore the balance of bacteria in it but one should know that the use of probiotics alone cannot cure the ulcer, but when used with other forms of medication it can go a long way to give quick relief.

Also one can take fruits that contain flavonoids and polyphenols which according to studies can help with stomach ulcers, some of such fruits are apples, blueberries, cherries, lemons, and orange. With all these treatments for ulcers you may likely then ask can ulcer be cured?

Well, recently, research has shown that most ulcers have been caused by infections so with the right treatments administered like antibiotics your ulcer can be gone forever.

There are various ways to determine if one has an ulcer, any of the following tests can be used to determine the presence of an ulcer, such as the use of blood tests, another way is the breath testing which can determine if one has H. pylori.

Another form of ulcer test is the use of endoscopy where a small tube is inserted through the mouth and this tube has a camera where you can be able to view if a person has an ulcer.

Pain killers that most people take can also cause one to have an ulcer just like ibuprofen and naproxen, studies have confirmed that stomach ulcers are common in older people than younger ones. Sometimes the pain of ulcer comes at certain periods like between meals or even during the night or one can get this pain after eating or drinking, there are also other times when stomach pains can wake one up in the middle of night sleep.

There are instances that occur when one experiences a bleeding ulcer, this develops when one’s ulcer becomes perforated or torn and the following symptoms occur; nausea, bleeding in one’s stool, weight loss, so when one or several of these symptoms have been noticed, a visit to the doctor is advised.



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