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Natural hair removal: Get rid of unwanted hair the natural way


Unwanted hairs can very uncomfortable and often diminishes one’s self-esteem. Why does hair grow in unwanted places anyway? The speed of hair growth varies from person to person and so does the sensitivity levels of the skin.

The need to get rid of unwanted hair makes people try out different solutions to figure out what natural hair removal methods work best for them. There are different ways to naturally eliminate unwanted hairs from the body and in most cases; these techniques can be done by one at home. Some of these natural hair removal techniques include:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Tweezing
  • Baking soda paste
  • Pumice stone



The use of a razor blade is as far as we know, the oldest technique of hair removal. It is also considered one of the easiest hair removal methods too. Shaving can be done using a blade or a shaving stick.


Wash the areas to be shaved to soften hairs. Glide the blade along the area of the hairs you want to remove, in the exact direction of the hair growth and the hairs will easily come off under the blade. Repeat this until all the hairs have been shaved off.


It comes with the advantages of being very fast, convenient and easy as compared to the other forms of shaving, this makes the technique the most frequently used as many people shave on a daily basis.


The underlying disadvantage of this hair removal technique is that it may cause a skin reaction for sensitive skins and this may result in razor bumps. In order to avoid getting razor bumps and enjoy a smoother shaving, there are certain tips to follow, this includes:

  1. Shaving cream or gel – most times, people tend to purchase these chemical-based creams from the stores but few have mastered the art of making some natural hair removal creams by A combination of coconut oil or even sweet almond oil can be utilized to make a shaving gel.
  2. Wet the area that should be shaved and shave with a sharp razor.
  3. Make sure your blades are sharp enough, avoid using already used or old blades as this may perform poorly and the repeated pressure of the blunt blades on your skin may lead to unwanted cuts and ingrown hairs which are referred to as razor bumps.


This is one very effective natural way of removing hair from your body. Some natural hair removal wax is sugar waxing: this type of waxing is the most natural and less painful unlike various other types of waxing. The key ingredients of sugar wax are sugar, water, and citric acid such as lemon juice.


Spread the wax onto the area of hair and then place a cloth strip over it, wait for 20 seconds for the wax to cool and then pull off the cloth strip in one quick drag. Make sure you follow the same direction of hair growth when removing hairs.


  • Waxing has a long-lasting effect as hairs are being eliminated from their roots, giving it a longer time frame to regrow on the surface of the skin.
  • You won’t have the problem of hair stubble within a few days
  • Waxing feels smoother and you wouldn’t have to worry about bumps as the hair regrows
  • The hairs that regrow are usually dense and finer


  • Immediately after waxing, you may experience redness or even slight rashes, if your skin is very sensitive
  • Waxing is painful especially for the first experience


This method is usually done used in areas of the body with dense hairs, especially on the face. This can be a lot of hard work and can be a slightly painful process.


Pros: it removes the hair follicle from its roots and this makes regrowth much slower and its lasting result leaves your skin smooth.

Cons: it is time-consuming and slightly painful.

Baking soda paste

When it comes to removing pubic hairs or hairs from any part of the body with sensitive skin, most people will use the best safest method so as to avoid skin reactions such as itching or bumps which can come as a result of using either a blade or some form of shavers, so making use of natural hair removal cream for private parts tends to be the best solution, this is why people use baking soda.

Natural hair removal baking soda is suitable for use on the face and private parts alongside most other body parts. This hair removal technique is very easy and can easily be done at home. The baking soda hair removal method can be used around the region of the arms, legs, face, chest and pubic areas. This method also has the potential of giving you softer skin afterward.


Simply mix baking soda with turmeric, add water to form a thick paste, and apply this to the area of hairs you want to remove. Allow the mixture to dry and then gently remove the thick paste by using your hand or a cloth.

Pros: it is quick and effective

Cons: it needs preparation and maybe a little messy


Pumice stone

This is another natural way to remove our hair. It is easy to obtain a pumice stone and spend a little extra time in the shower to use the pumice stone, however you cannot use this on your face or any soft part of your body as the skin may be too soft for it.


First exfoliate your skin – you can do so with sugar and olive oil mixture. Then use a pumice stone in the area you want hairs removed. Rub in a circular motion on the spot till all the hairs come off. Rinse your skin with water and moisturize

Pros: it is effective and cheap

Cons: it will hurt a little at first. It may also take a little time depending on the texture of hair on your skin.

Some natural ingredients for facial hair removal

As men are bothered about removing hairs from their faces, so also are the few percentages of women with facial hairs. There are other natural hair removal remedies for faces that are readily available and can be done at home using the following natural ingredients: green gram and rose water, onions and basil, lavender oil and tea tree oil, honey, and sugar as well at oatmeal and banana.

The most effective and lasting methods for eliminating facial hairs are plucking or tweezing. For any method of facial hair removal you chose, always remember to apply a moisturizer afterward because the skin on the face is more sensitive than most other parts of the body, this will eliminate dryness that leads to skin reactions that occur after removing the hairs on the skin.

For women, the legs are one of the most desired parts to remove unwanted hairs from, there are some natural hair removal for legs that one should try out, such as mixing together papaya and turmeric to form a paste and rubbing it gently and thoroughly until it reaches down the hair follicles, after which the mixture should be left for a period of fifteen minutes, thereafter, wash off with water.

These steps should be repeated regularly for at least 2 to 3 times a week and one would see the desired reduction of hairs on the legs.


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