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Migraines: How do I get rid of stubborn headaches?


Migraines are severe and very strong headaches which come with symptoms such as nausea and high sensitivity. A very severe migraine can last for a very long time, if not diagnosed and treated by an experienced professional. The most distinguishing feature of migraines is that when they start, they can last for hours and even days thereby interfering with one’s daily activities.

It is known that migraine can start early in one’s life, for instance, it can begin in one’s childhood even in adolescence stage, without knowing at what stage in your life it would cease, it stirs up the question of how do you get rid of migraine forever?

You must have a treatment plan where one will have to visit an experienced doctor who can help you treat these cases before the pain becomes severe and be able to determine what really triggers the pain after which the experienced professional will finally determine the type of medication to be administered.


Signs and symptoms

There are usually signs of attack of migraines such as visual disturbances, flashes of light, double vision, and even difficulty in speaking, vertigo or dizziness, ringing in the ears, and hypersensitivity to sound. One can have one or more of these signs and symptoms depending on the severity of the migraine.

Causes of migraines

In order to determine how to get rid of migraine headaches, it is pertinent to know the various causes. Some causes of migraines include the following:

  • Hormonal changes, e.g. menstruation
  • Emotional triggers such as depression, stress anxiety, shock, etc.
  • Dietary triggers such as alcohol, caffeine, etc.
  • Medications, e.g. sleeping pills, contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy
  • Physical causes such as tiredness, lack of sleep, jet lag, etc.
  • Environmental triggers like loud noise, strong smells, bright lights, stuffiness and temperature changes

One of the major causes of migraine which includes excessive alcohol intake can cause hangover and these hangovers come with severe headaches. The result of excessive drinking leading to a hangover can lower the body sugar level which results in headaches and you might want to figure out how to get rid of migraine hangover.

Firstly, it is important to keep your blood sugar up as this would prevent headaches and other symptoms that follow. Keeping one hydrated can ease the aftereffect of a hangover by taking lots of fluid to allow the metabolism of the body to flow well. Apart from taking enough fluids, one can eat healthy diets to be able to get rid of the symptoms that cause acid to build up during hangover.

There are several cases where one can encounter severe migraines whether at work, offices or during exercises but we’re taking a closer look at how to get rid of migraines at work, eventually, the best way to tackle migraine is to identify what triggers it and try to prevent it but when it eventually comes, it is important to take medications for it because if left unattended it can hamper or hinder your activity at work.

Be well aware that if you are suffering from severe headaches, your medications should be with you at work, these medications include anti-inflammatory and migraine-specific medications. When applying these medications at work, one should try taking a little break and relax in a quiet place while waiting for the medication s to work. Before taking these medications to work, one should try testing these medications at home to study how your body reacts to it before taking it to work.

Types of migraines

Migraines aren’t all the same, in fact, it comes in two categories namely migraine with aura (classical migraines) and migraine without aura (common migraines), and aura here include visual symptoms like seeing shapes, lines, flashes of light, it can also affect your senses and you may even feel a slight tingling sensation on a part of your body. Migraines without aura are the most common as migraines with aura happen to 1 out of 4 people with recurrent migraines.

We also have four major sub-types of migraines namely the menstrual migraine, ocular (retinal migraine), hemiplegic migraine and vestibular migraine.

Menstrual migraines

Migraines that comes as a result of hormonal changes can become severe if not treated. For instance, when a woman has migraines as a result of menstruation, there are various ways to treat such. Steps on how to get rid of menstrual migraine may include applying an ice-cold cloth around the areas where one feels pain and discomfort and taking of pain relievers to relieve the pain with prescription drugs such as Naproxen can prevent menstrual migraine or make it less severe, also nutritional supplements can be used to alleviate the symptoms of migraine such as magnesium supplement have been seen to be effective for menstrual migraine.

Ocular migraine

Another form of migraine is ocular migraine and the symptoms of these migraines can go away on their own within 30 minutes. So how do you get rid of ocular migraine when it comes? Interestingly, this type of migraine can be made to go away on its own by adopting some personal lifestyle changes.

Rest is the key to relieving one of ocular migraine, you just have to shut your eyes and relax until you feel better and your vision becomes normal. If the headache is really severe, one can take pain relievers that are recommended by the doctor.

Once a diagnosis has been made and you find out you have an ocular migraine, it is recommended to treat the symptoms and all well have complete rest for the symptoms to go. Ocular migraines have various other names like a visual retinal or monocular migraine.

Hemiplegic migraine

This type has similar symptoms to stroke and is often mistaken to be one as it causes paralysis on one side of the body. The aura can last for less than 72 hours but usually goes away within 24 hours.

Vestibular migraine

This type comes of migraine with vertigo or a spinning sensation that can last between a few minutes to one hour.


Natural Remedies for migraine

Getting rid of migraines naturally is one way to avoid the hassles of finding complex means of battling with these severe headaches. Finding out what triggers your migraine is the first step to avoid it, try to manage stress by relaxing and having enough rest.

Having an improved sleeping habit and having eaten a balanced diet can greatly relieve migraines naturally. There are various ways to get rid of migraines without using medicine which can be having a healthy lifestyle like limiting the intake of alcohol, having a non-smoking habit, avoid certain foods high in histamine and using a cold compress to soothe the pain.

Other ways to treat migraines without medications are acupressure which involves applying pressure to specific parts of the body, thereby releasing muscles and tension. One can also apply some essential oil like lavender which provides a remedy for stress, anxiety, and headaches.

In the event of one having constant and frequent attacks of migraines, there are steps one can take to get rid of migraine headaches such as using ice-cold packs and placing it on your forehead, this is really an effective remedy to soothe the discomfort that comes with the migraine.

Also one can use a hot compress to relieve this pain. If in contact with an extremely bright light I will help to dim those lights a little, another remedy for migraine headache is the use of caffeine; by taking caffeine it will soothe the body and make you relax.

Ginger has also been known to help, taking ginger tea will help reduce the pain one feels very quickly. Reduce exposure to very bright and flashes of light and loud noise if your migraine symptoms are a reaction to these sources.

Migraines during pregnancy

There is evidence of the fact that many women complain of severe headaches during pregnancy. So when this happens, how to get rid of migraines during pregnancy becomes an urgent need. One of the best ways is to follow some of the aforementioned natural remedies, but there are also various other soothing remedies that can take care of these pains, such as taking a cold shower, taking a nap and relaxation, many women also take yoga classes to help them relax their mind and body.

A pregnant woman must learn and understand what triggers the headache because it is dangerous for a pregnant woman to have a persistent migraine because the accompanying symptoms are dangerous to the health, some common triggers of migraines are stress, hormonal change and certain foods that one eats.

When a pregnant woman has persistent migraines, it is important to quickly see a doctor. Most healthcare providers prescribe drugs for migraines which will not be harmful to both mother and child.

Tylenol can be administered for pain relief. Some harmful drugs not to take for migraines during pregnancy are drugs that contain aspirin such as ibuprofen.


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