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Losing weight on a normal day is hard enough and now we have a pandemic on our hands? The gym is on full lockdown so I guess no one will be hitting the gym anytime soon. This is applicable for locations where self-isolation is mandatory of course.

Weight loss experts have advised that one could try to lose weight during COVID-19 quarantine by limiting sugar intake, eat high protein, eat more fruits and vegetables, limit alcohol intake, and take more vitamins. This is great too but hey… we are gonna be spending 24hours indoors every day, till who knows when!

Staying healthy is going to be a big challenge let alone losing weight. After that panic shopping for COVID-19 quarantine a few days back, the refrigerator look pretty inviting right now doesn’t it. You have your yogurt, Fritos, Cheerios, Doritos, eggs, microwave pizza, 2-minute-noodles and other wild snacks that are probably causing you a bit of anxiety.

The crazy part, you probably left out the healthy stuff like fruits and veggies because they are all perishables and you are stocking up for an unpredictable period of time. How on earth can you eat healthily?

Let’s be practical here if you could please indulge me for a few minutes. If you have a weight scale, step up to the scale and check your current weight. I’ll assume you already know your average weight before the COVID-19 quarantine began. The value you see before you weren’t rigged, and no, your weight scale isn’t broken. At this rate, you may just be ready for the next world sumo competition before this year runs out. Don’t panic, there’s hope yet.

Many people have approached home exercises for weight loss from a physical perspective, ignoring the emotional and mental aspect of it. It is always assumed that hitting the gym does the job and in a few weeks, you wake up looking like Simeon Panda or Jillian Michaels, which is completely false. Oh wait, but you have a large stock of slimming tea, wow, I guess you are good to go then- I don’t think so.

Weight loss makes a lot more sense when you shed excess fat and maintain muscle tone; not the type that makes you look like a deflated balloon. I have seen a lot of people lose weight the slim-tea way (with the exemption of workouts) and it isn’t always pretty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives in many unfortunate ways and the best that we can do is stay safe and healthy with the hope that this will all soon blow over with all our loved ones well and happy. The Covid-19 Quarantine isn’t a sentence to an unhealthy lifestyle or a less-trim body. So gear up and let us take you through a few weight loss tips for COVID-19 quarantine.

Stay Too Busy To Eat

Like we said earlier weight loss is physical, mental, and emotional. How is it that some working-class people are able to maintain their physique even without hitting the gym? The fact is, they often do not have enough time for 3-square-meals. Their busy schedule keeps them occupied all day and those that get to take a long walk while working even burn calories on the job.

In your hallowed position, you are confined to the walls of your home (some of you), and you would like to lose weight within these walls. It’s simple, minimize your food intake and keep yourself busy enough to forget that you crave more food. How can you do this? Here are a few ways to keep yourself busy:

  • Write a book
  • Start a blog
  • Watch Youtube videos
  • Social media
  • Play video games
  • Read a book
  • Study an online course
  • Netflix
  • Join a forum on your favorite topics
  • Learn to draw and paint
  • Start a remote think tank with your friends

These are a few ideas and there are a lot more ideas out there that can keep you mentally occupied and too obsessed to worry about binge eating.

Water therapy for weight loss

A major requirement to avoid being infected with COVID-19 is to hydrate as much as possible. Drinking water often has a ton of benefits such as:

  • Helps metabolism
  • Aids in Preventing COVID-19 infection
  • Hydrates the body
  • Improves skin texture
  • Works against aging
  • Supports weight loss
  • Assists digestion

Drinking adequate water keeps you feeling full so that your rations can be reduced to avoid stacking up calories in the body.

Daily Home Exercise

Exercises are absolutely necessary, in any proportion. They do not have to be extreme, depending on your level of physical fitness but they do have to be enough to get you out of breath. Running a few reps with a home gym partner can boost your morale as well.

The best result in exercises can be achieved when you follow a simple formula. This weight loss secret formula is the difference between a professional trainer and a newbie in the world of workouts. This simple formula is “TUT”

What does TUT mean? It means Time Under Tension. This simple workout formula can determine how much calories you burn and in general, how much weight you lose at the end. Time under tension is the time spent against gravity. It is that phase of a workout routine that is most challenging before you enter a resting phase. TUT makes you feel that burn.

It takes time to build workout endurance to increase one’s TUT capacity. All you need is time, and guess what, you have that now.

Workouts tone your body and there are a ton of exercises you can do in the comforts of your home without a gym. Some home exercise techniques for weight loss during COVID-19 quarantine include:

  • Pull-ups – workout for the back
  • Squat – workout for the glutes
  • Triceps dips – workout for the upper arms
  • The side bridge – workout for the waist
  • Pushups – workout for the chest
  • Bicycle maneuver – for abs
  • Swiss ball hamstring curl – for hamstrings
  • The lunge – workout for the thighs

These are just a few things you can do to lose weight during COVID-19 quarantine. If done right and often, they should provide very pleasant results. Take charge of your body and get that physique you desire, even against all odds.  Stay safe, and infection-free.


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