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Although not commonly talked about, facial fat is one of the common sources of a negatively perceived body image. Most people hate walking around with chubby faces and are constantly looking for fast and effective ways to make their face slimmer. But are there fast ways to reduce facial fat? Keep reading to find out.

Just look at those burger cheeks! Are you hiding a watermelon in there?

Facial fat or face fat can be simply defined as having extra fat deposits in certain areas of the face which makes the face rounder or fuller in appearance. The face has its own natural fat layer which is embedded between the facial bones, muscles, and skin.

When too much fat accumulates within the fat layer, the face will take on a chubby and puffier appearance. People often wonder why their face suddenly starts to get fat, the reason is not far-fetched. facial fat is usually an indication of an impeding gain in overall body weight. It can also be due to obesity. Face fat is also influenced by genetic and hormonal factors.

Genetically, the frame and bone structure of your face can make it seem like your face is fatter than it should be. A surge in hormones especially before the menstrual period in women can contribute to face fattening. Medical conditions like hyperthyroidism can also make the face fat, but in this case, medication or surgery is needed for treatment.

What makes people actively seek solutions to facial fat is mostly due to cosmetic reasons. Having to walk around with a “fatter than normal” face can affect a person’s body image negatively. It is even more worrying because it can’t be conveniently hidden like other extra bodily weight gains such as belly fats. That being said,  Here are some tips on how to reduce that extra weight gain on your face for a more confident appearance.



There isn’t any evidence to suggest that carrying out facial exercises can help to reduce facial fat, however, research has shown that facial exercises can strengthen and tone the facial muscles which can help to better the appearance of the face by making it a bit slimmer.

A study also suggested that facial exercises can improve facial appearance in middle-aged women as they age. Another study also looked at the effectiveness of carrying out facial muscle exercises twice a day using a device. The researches found that this exercise led to an increase in muscle thickness and facial rejuvenation in the study participants after eight weeks. Some facial exercises you can do include :

Jaw release: This can help in reducing double chin. You can do a Jaw release by getting into a sitting position, and moving your Jaws as though you are eating with your mouth closed. Relax and repeat for as many times as you can.

Mouthwash technique: This facial exercise helps in toning facial muscles as well as in reducing double chin. It is done by mimicking the act of rinsing the mouth with a mouth wash. Instead of using a mouth wash though, you fill your mouth with air and alternate the air between both sides of your mouth. You can repeat this in many cycles while taking a break between one cycle and another.

The locked tongue pose: If you want a perfectly chiseled face and a beautiful Jawline, then this exercise is for you. To do this, you will place the tip of your tongue against the wall of your mouth(the upper wall), and stretch your tongue towards your neck. You can repeat this many times throughout the day.

Fish face: This helps in strengthening the cheek muscles. To do the fish face exercise, suck in your cheeks and lips while trying to smile. Remain in that position for a while and then let go. You can do this repeatedly in cycles throughout the day.

XO Exercise: Repeatedly saying X and O throughout the day can help in toning your face by relaxing and contracting the facial muscles. It also helps in blood circulation which can contribute to a younger-looking face as you age.



Since facial fat is mostly an indication of an impending gain in body weight or excess body weight, losing weight in all parts of your body can help to reduce facial fat. You can achieve this by carrying out heart-healthy (cardio) or aerobic exercises.

Cardio and aerobic exercises have been shown to help with fast and effective weight loss. Examples of these exercises include taking brisk walks, jogging, swimming running and gym exercises. Working out for an average of just 30 minutes per day can help you lose body weight and slim down your face.other fast and easy way to lose weight may include the use of special formulas.



Maintaining the right diet is very crucial for weight loss. Exercise and diet also go hand in hand. Performing cardio or aerobic exercises for weight loss without eating the right diet will yield little to no results. Refined sugar and carbs are the foods you should cut down on if you want a slim face. Replace cookies, chocolates, cakes, and junk foods with plenty of vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, avocados, and walnuts.


Drinking water is undoubtedly beneficial to health in so many ways and weight loss is one of them. Water increases the body’s metabolism which helps to increase the number of calories burned in a day. Water also helps to reduce food consumption which contributes to weight gain by inducing a feeling of fullness in the body.

Research has also shown that drinking water can aid lipolysis which is the break down of stored fats into fatty acids that is used as energy by body organs such as the lungs and the heart.

The breakdown of these fat stores that are used as energy or as parts of respiration will reduce the amount of excess fat that is stored in the body. With time, the body will take up energy (calories) directly from food and transport it to the organs that need them without storing it first as fat. Drinking water can help to speed up this process that contributes to fat burn and weight loss.



Excessive intake of salt or sodium can contribute to fluid retention in your body, which can cause certain parts of the body including the face to swell or become bloated. Watching the intake of salt especially in processed foods and snacks can help in making the face slimmer. This is especially necessary for people who are extremely sensitive to the effects of salt.



Alcohol is packed full of empty calories that can increase the amount of fat being stored in the body that results in extra weight gain. It also increases the body’s ability to retain water which causes bloating. Drinking alcohol in moderation is fine, but excessive consumption of the drink can contribute to extra fat in the face.

However, some people may still experience bloating and weight gain even while drinking alcohol in moderation. If you are looking to reduce facial fat, you might want to watch how many glasses of alcohol you are drinking at a time.


Sleep deprivation can contribute to high levels of cortisol in the blood which can pave way for weight gain. Research has also shown that cortisol can stimulate an increase in appetite and interfere with the body ‘s metabolism that can lead to increased storage of fat in the body.

A person suffering from sleep deprivation is likely to feel hungry often and consume more food which can cause an increase in weight gain. Stress that results from not getting enough rest can also increase cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is usually released in the body in response to stress and is referred to as the stress hormone.



The key to preventing facial fat is through lifestyle changes which include a good diet and regular exercise. Excess weight gain can cause your face to become puffy and chubby in appearance. An unhealthy diet can also contribute to weight gain and water retention in the body which can affect your face and make it bloated. Below are some simple tips to prevent face fat. :

  • Eat a healthy diet that is devoid of excess sugar and carbs but filled with fruits, vegetables, and protein.
  • Ensure to carry out  at least 30 minutes of vigorous or moderate exercise daily
  • Cut down on the excessive consumption of processed and convenience foods
  • Drink plenty of water daily and avoid carbonated, energy, and concentrated fruit drinks.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol



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