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Hangover remedy: How to cure your hangover fast

A Hangover is an aftereffect you get after heavy alcohol intake, it doesn’t come immediately but after several hours, you begin to feel the symptoms. Many people react to the effect of a hangover in different ways, the effect is usually self-treatable and most times usually go on its own without taking any medication. So if one is faced with hangover symptoms after a night out, how does one go about finding the best hangover remedy?

Medication for hangover

Pain relievers can greatly help with the symptoms. If one exhibits severe hangover symptoms it can be categorized as a case of alcohol poisoning and requires immediate treatment. There are several pain relievers one can administer during a case of a severe hangover.

Some such drugs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen all these drugs can deal with pain and headache resulting from a hangover. In some cases when one takes excess alcohol which results in a hangover, it should be treated quickly or else it can cause other related symptoms like hangover depression.

There are simple stress-free home remedies one can use to cure hangover for instance, taking a rest in a lying position can be very effective especially against the nauseating feeling often experienced when moving around. lying in a state of rest can help calm the sick feeling allowing the body to rejuvenate.

It is a fact that when people drink in excess, they usually get hungover, so the best cure for a hangover is to prevent it from happening by drinking little to no alcohol. When you consume small quantities of alcohol, you’ve naturally prevented the occurrence of a hangover. Abstinence may not be the coolest thing, especially when one is at a social event with friends but it does reduce the chance of a hangover to an absolute zero.

One of the best approaches to handling hangover is to treat the important areas where one feels discomfort. For instance, when facing headaches, one can take pain relievers or if faced with stomach upset, one can take Pepcid or Alka-seltzer, these drugs are for stomach upset, while to curb the nausea one can take Zofran.

Some measures to take when faced with a hangover is to stay hydrated, also get some carbohydrates into your system. Some people feel better after a cup of coffee or tea, this may not be for everyone, however, ensure that vitamin B6 supplement is also taken. All these are good hangover remedies to use.

Symptoms of Hangover

Fatigue, tiredness, muscle aches, nausea and mood changes are some of the signs of being hungover. Some other symptoms of a hangover can be a reduction of one’s blood sugar level as well as stomach and intestine inflammation. When one has low blood sugar as a result of excess drinking leading to a hangover, it is important to get an early breakfast; this can be helpful to regulate the blood sugar level and replenish your energy. Maintaining a stable blood sugar level is another way to counteract hangovers.

Natural Hangover Remedy

There are some other natural remedies to prevent hangovers such as the food we eat, these can give some form of prevention, for instance, pickled cucumbers is a great recipe, it contains 0.2-grams fats, 0.1 grams saturated fat and its total amount of Calories is 11 kcal.

Other nutritious food types that can prevent hangovers are nuts, mixed nuts have calories of 607, its total fats is 54 grams and saturated fats 9 gram, so when mixed nuts are oil roasted with salt added, it is great for the prevention of hangover.

The human body is largely made up of fluids so our bodies need about eight glasses of water per day, so drinking enough water alone can give quick relief for a hangover.

Another important food for the prevention of hangover is spinach; this awesome vegetable provides adequate nutrients to the body to boost its immune system.

Avoiding Hangover

There are some drinks that one should either abstain from or indulge in moderation in order to avoid hangovers, for instance, champagne. Generally, sparkling wines such as champagne accelerates the absorption of alcohol in the body so one may get drunk faster when a lot of it is consumed. It may be best to stick with drinks that have clear liquor.

In reality, many people would find it hard to stay away from alcoholic drinks but the effect of heavy drinking can cause one to have serious health implications so the best option is to go for lighter alcoholic drinks that can have little to no effect on the body system.




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