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Gaining Healthy Weight Fast Using Tested and Trusted Techniques


Gaining healthy weight is considered much easier than losing weight, in fact, the key to gaining healthy weight is by eating more and when one consumes more calories than the body is able to burn then there is a good chance that one might gain weight.

Most people gain weight unconsciously on their own without trying so hard while others who may be skinny would try a little harder to put on some flesh when trying to put on some weight, there are some tips that should be followed.

  • Do not drink water before you start eating, this is because consumption of water can fill your stomach, thereby making you eat smaller meals
  • Eating often, that is, eat on a regular basis instead of just one full meal
  • The consumption of more carbohydrates and fatty foods can give one a chance to add weight

Being underweight is equally as worrisome as being overweight, especially when it is as a result of poor diet or an underlying health problem. There are a lot of factors that determine whether one can be able to gain weight fast, such as the shape of the body one possesses, the genetic makeup of the person. Eating more than you usually do allows for adding those extra pounds that you crave for, so while trying to add that flesh, you must be consistent in your diet.

Foods for gaining healthy weight

There are some categories of foods available to those willing to gain some extra pounds, some of which are nuts, eating enough nuts such as almonds, walnuts and peanuts can help one add some weight. Also, consumption of high-fat dairy such as whole milk, yogurt and cheese cream can also boost your chances of a weight gain.

Also, it may seem that you consume many calories but under a close study, one can determine that the average calorie consumption is smaller than what the body can break down, which means that if your body can break down all the calories taken in then there would not be leftover fats stored in the body.

Problems of being underweight

It is important to gain weight especially when one is actually underweight because there are possibilities of some health complications such as:

  • Infertility
  • Decreased developmental ability
  • Weakened immune system
  • Risk of complications during surgery.

There are some frequently asked questions about weight gain for instance, why you can’t gain weight even when you eat a lot, or can you gain weight without getting fat?

Why you can’t gain weight

A lot of people think that just eating a lot of any food can really increase their chance of adding those pounds but just eating any food doesn’t always work, you must determine whether the food is calorie-dense, which means for whatever food one consumes it must contain high calories. Also, when one eats a lot but is involved in highly vigorous activities daily, the metabolism burns out the entire calorie intake.

Can one gain weight without getting fat?

The true fact is that the two must go hand in hand in that, one will gain weight by gaining fat, so when one consumes more calories and is unable to burn down some of it, it settles down as fats in the muscles thereby leading to being overweight.

How to gain healthy weight quickly and safely

Medically, people are advised to gain weight only when it is observed that one weighs too little, which may pose a health concern to the individual. Here are foods that are safe for gaining healthy weight quickly. They are high in nutrients, some of them include milk which combines a mixture of fats carbohydrate and protein and it is also a great source of vitamins and minerals including calcium.

Another source of food that allows for weight gain is rice – rice is a source of carbohydrate and it contributes to weight gain, other sources of food include red meat, especially the fact that red meat contains both Leucine and creatine, these nutrients are capable of increasing the muscle mass of the body.

Consumption of whole grains, bread, which contains carbohydrates, promotes weight gain. Also, consumption of starchy foods also boosts the chances of weight gain and some of the starchy foods are potatoes, corn, oats, legumes, and pasta.

Some think that only the high consumption of food will enable one to gain weight, but it would be surprising to know that exercises don’t only help one to lose weight, it can also help one in gaining a healthy weight.

Exercises for gaining healthy weight

The best form of exercises for weight gain includes

  • squatting,
  • deadlifts,
  • bench-presses
  • pull-ups and
  • bar dips,

All of the above exercises help to build muscle mass in the body. It is also known that people who combine a good and healthy diet with exercise are usually healthier but on the other hand, one does not expect to eat in little quantities and expect to look healthy. If you are skinny and desire to put on some pound then you should combine increased food intake with some of these exercises such as using the dumbbell and squatting.

Drugs for gaining healthy weight

Apart from increased diet and exercises, people also boost weight gain by taking supplements for muscles and some examples of such supplements are creatine monohydrate, which helps to improve exercise performance. Other forms of supplements for weight gain are protein supplements such as protein powders, which one can take to supplement their protein intake.

Most of these protein powders come from plants like soybeans, peas, potato or hemp but it is not always required to take protein supplements except it is noticed that other forms of a weight gain are not producing the optimal result.

Many people make use of medical drugs that can induce weight gain by increasing one’s appetite for food and aids relaxation by causing drowsiness, for an example such drugs are cyproheptadine.

Sometimes treating some other illness might lead to weight gain because people who take medical drugs to treat these illnesses may not realize that the drugs actually lead to an involuntary weight gain. Some such drugs are Depakote, which is used in treating bipolar disorder and seizures, another of such drugs is Paxil which treats anxiety.

Many other drugs for insulin, blood pressure drugs, anti-depressants, and migraine medications may also lead to gaining a healthy weight. It is advised that when one is trying to gain weight, it should be done in a safe method; moreover, doctors naturally recommend gaining weight to those who consistently weigh too little.


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