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10 Things You Will Wish You Learned to do Before Age 40

The Big 40! The age when most people think they have it all figured out. The go-getters and workaholics hope to have achieved everything they want in life while looking forward to early retirement. The average individual hopes to assume a position of power at the workplace or perhaps become a successful parent. However, sometimes you may wonder if its ever enough. What are those 10 things you wish you learned before age 40?

There is no limit to the extent of accomplishments that can be attained by the age of 40. However, one can go through life feeling just a little bit insecure or incapacitated if one skips certain phases of life that would have made them feel more complete.  Certain soft skills may be extremely useful in life’s journey. As we go through a relatively finite number of days it is best to equip ourselves at various contact points with adequate skill sets that may come in handy on the long run. Let’s take a look at 10 things you will wish you learned to do before age 40.

Play video games

The terminology for this is “interactive digital rehabilitation”. Video games have always been one of the most fascinating activities for both children and adults alike. The video game universe is so vast that there is something for everyone and it is such a great pastime activity.

Parenting can be a lot easier when gaming is involved, setting goals with the kids and teaching them a lesson or two at FIFA is always an awesome bonding exercise.

According to reports, certain games are therapeutic and improve physical and mental health. Here are a few statistics on the health advantages of gaming.

  • Pokemon Go – found to reduce stress and improve brain activities positively
  • Free cell – improved cognitive abilities especially in the eldery
  • Book worm adventures, bejeweled 2, and peggle – highly therapeutic for depression
  • Military-themed games – effective for post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Most games on hand-held devices – cognitive distraction, highly therapeutic for nausea, anxiety, and fibromyalgia pain

The virtual tasks experienced with gaming offers challenges that task the brain to improve self-healing abilities.

How to swim

Asides from the imminent possibilities of finding ourselves in a mass of water either by choice or by accident where one has to sink or swim, there is a need to learn how to swim, at least for recreational use.  Swimming is one of the most exciting and tasking physical activities. It can help one stay in shape and is also great for bonding with peers as well as family.

Hit the gym regularly

Exercise is a major aspect of staying healthy. A lot of people neglect the need for exercise, either because of extremely tight work schedules of just sheer lack of interest or perhaps lack of motivation. However, as we grow, and as our bodies age, we begin to lose certain levels of virility, flexibility, capacity to do physical work. This is more so for individuals who have no physical fitness background. People who maintain an active life by exercising regularly often find their later years to be less physically chaotic.

Mountain climbing

There are many alfresco activities that can test your will, endurance, and stamina but none can literally push you over the edge as much as mountain climbing. It is therapeutic in its own way and provides you with a lasting experience and the mindset to take on certain tasks that you deemed impossible. The physical benefits of mountain climbing are inexhaustible: from improving cognitive abilities, decision making, and physical strength to enhancing other aspects of your being. It is simply a must-have experience.

Learn more languages

Though it is never too late to start learning anything but having a few more languages in the bag will greatly accelerate your transitions in life. It may be a local or international language. Learning a language can better improve communication, especially when you find yourself living with people who are well versed in this language or own it as a mother tongue.  Imagine watching a movie with subtitles where you had to balance watching the actual movie while trying to read up on subtitles. Though your brain can seamlessly coordinate both activities but wouldn’t it better if you understood the languages?

Another relevant example is finding yourself in another country or continent for whatever reason and you had to figure out communications with the locals on your own. Learning a language or more always gives you that edge.

Keeping in touch with old friends

Everyone is guilty of the inability to keep in touch. It is usually difficult to keep in touch with every old friend… or is it? It only takes an interest.

OMG, I just saw Josh on TV! He is a billionaire now and lives in Beverly Hills with his hot wife! I wonder if he still remembers who I am.”

I’m sure you get the point now.

Keeping to a healthy diet plan

Most people usually begin to neglect their bodies at age 40 by eating virtually anything that comes their way. The best way to build a healthy eating habit is to start early. Learning to curb one’s appetite, cravings and other unhealthy feeding habits is a determinant of how health-conscious the person will remain. It is not the easiest thing to do; to wake up at age 40 and decide to start a diet plan which one may not be accustomed to. It is much easier when one has had pre-training or is fully into the lifestyle of eating and living healthy.

How to cook

Cooking is not an ability that should be left to one gender alone or be ignored as a science project that is only necessary when one is completely stranded and has no other choice. Cooking is noble and takes great mastery of the art of seasoning to pull off. It is a way of bonding for couples and also a way to provide your family with a treat once in a while.

How to operate advanced android and IOs devices

Technology has greatly evolved and year after year hundreds of highly complex computer-based devices are churned out into the ever-hungry market. As far as mobile phones are concerned, Android and IOS are the standards. It is imperative to keep up with both technologies as things will only get more intricate from here on. You do not want to become that parent that calls on your kids for assistance with your own device every now and then. It’s usually less dramatic to just KEEP UP!

Public speaking

AHA! The dreaded public speaking experience! Some people are natural extroverts and simply love to be the center of attention as they ensnare the audience with their eloquence and articulate contributions, while some would rather be tucked-in deep in the crowd, trying not to be seen or heard. Public speaking is a great way to build one’s self confidence and improve leadership skills.

There are many other things to learn before the critical age of 40. Your capacity to learn depends on your interest or perhaps career goals, personal goals, and field of life.  These top ten are some of the most generally helpful for both genders.  Give it a try today.


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