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Medication Planner: 10 Important Reasons why you need a Medication Logbook

How to choose a medication logbook

Manual medication planners are better for so many reasons. It is easy to forget one’s medication, skip a dose, mix up prescriptions, or by mistake, take an under or overdose in the absence of a reminder or proper guidance. Even though there are medication reminder apps that can give you a quick buzz at a specific period of the day to remind you about your medication, the best way to keep track of your medication is the medication logbook because of its convenience, durability, and flexibility.

Medication logbooks are extremely popular and have been used quite frequently in recent years owing to the growth of global health issues such as the infamous Covid-19 pandemic, cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. So, what are the functions of a personal medication planner and why should people on constant medication consider getting one?

What is a Medication planner?

As the name implies, a med planner is used in documenting your drug schedule and to tracking every administration. It is most useful for patients who may be forgetful, extremely busy, or just have lots of medication to keep track of. A medication logbook goes by many names but doesn’t get confused by the fancy descriptions and terms as they primarily serve the same purpose but may come in a wide variety of designs. The buyer simply needs to look out for the best medication planner that suits their specific needs. Drug planners are often referred to as:

  • Medication tracker
  • Personal medication administration planner and record log book
  • Medication checklist organizer
  • Medication management logbook
  • Medication notebook
  • Medication journal
  • Daily medicine tracker
  • Drug logbook

These names often create conflict in meanings as a medication diary may seem like a book where one can write extensively on their journey with a certain medication, while the medication planner is perceived as just records for dates, however, a logbook design may provide space for tracking your medication and also documenting your journey. Nonetheless, they are largely the same and only differ by the design and creativity of their creator.

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Ten reasons why you need a Medication logbook

  1. It helps you keep track of dates
  2. It serves as a reminder for future administrations
  3. It serves as a worksheet for planning drug schedules
  4. It gives your doctor adequate information on your medication history
  5. It helps your doctor to recommend alternative medications or augmentations
  6. It helps to track specifics such as measurements, doses, and routes of exposure
  7. It serves as a journal to document one’s medical journey
  8. It serves as a space to document adverse reactions at specific periods
  9. It is often multipurpose and can be useful for various types of medication
  10. It is a timeless journal that can come in handy at any time for health purposes


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Medication Log Book FAQ

How long is a medication diary?

Typically, a med planner covers the whole of a year (52 weeks). A common search term is “medication log book 52 weeks” however; some logbooks may cover two years (104 weeks) or more.

What should a Medication logbook contain?

There is no specification on what a med planner should contain. It may come as blank pages with lines for documentation, or it may come with specific categories, tags, boxes, and activity spaces to fill up. It all depends on what the buyer really needs. For some buyers, design is everything, as they help to solve management and administrative problems, while some buyers are not so keen on the overwhelming categories, labeling, and spaces.

Who needs a Medication journal?

Everyone needs a medication journal. It is not only for geriatrics but for people of all ages, gender, and social status with the need to effectively track their medication as well as medical records.

How to choose a medication logbook

Depending on your needs, the right logbook is one that can solve your drug tracking and documentation problem. The first thing to do is to read the description of the med planner and take note of its features. If these features suit your needs then they might be exactly what you need.


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